• The most unique gift in the world

    Art, music, lullabies, ringtones, genetic fingerprint, personal property protection and more. All one-of-a-kind, created with your child's DNA from a simple 10-second saliva sample.

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LuvArts Package

What does your child's DNA look and sound like ? Bring DNA to life in new and beautiful ways with art and music that comes from within the one you love.

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LuvSafe Package

How could you make it impossible to have a mistaken identity? DNA is useful for safeguarding your child and their property.

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LuvDNA Bundle

Want to have it all? Beautiful and practical you get all of the LuvArts and LuvSafe products in one amazing bundle.

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Do you want to improve the long-term health of a child for a lifetime? An entire whole genome sequence (WGS) will be conducted on the child's 18 birthday if they so choose. This information can be used for unlimited health information and personalized medicine.

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