• Apple DNA

    What does the DNA of an apple sound like?

    At LuvDNA we create music and art from DNA sequences, the DNA sequences of just about anything:

    People, Pets, Kids, Babies, and even Golden Delicious Apples.


    We create songs and ringtones for your phone using 128 different instruments. Here are a couple examples of the Golden Delicious Apple’s DNA as music:

    Grand Piano

    Music Box


    One of the really cool things we do at LuvDNA is create Lullabies from DNA.  Here is what the DNA of an apple sounds like played as a Lullaby with 2 different instruments:

    Bowed Glass



    What does it look like in art form?

    A stunning digital painting using the DNA loci, codon sequence, and sacred geometry to create a one-of-a-kind LuvArt illustration.

    Music Score

    What does your DNA look and sound like? How about your kids? Your Dog or Cat?