• How upset would you be?

    Have you ever lost one of these?

    Of course you have! Everyone has. Maximize the chance that your property is returned to you quickly and easily.

    Protect any one of a 100 other things valuable to you as well.

    Everyone has misplaced or lost something important to them at one time or another.

    Protect everything you cherish with the same LuvTag Return to Owner (RTO) service.

    LuvTags are 1 inch diameter circle stickers that will stick to most anything. They are extremely durable – designed for military combat operations and are good from -40F to 300F.

    Your LuvTag Subscription comes with 20 LuvTags for only $19 / year . You can buy additional LuvTags for only $1 each and you can have an UNLIMITED number of LuvTags associated with your account. You can have a 100 or a 1000 LuvTags and the service is still only $19 / year!

    LuvTags Subscription $19 / year

    Its a simple but awesome process; the property is found and the Good Samaritan scans your LuvTag with their cell phone. Then the super-slick technology kicks in!

    The Good Samaritan sees the property owner’s contact information and can “tap to call” or email. If they click “OK” to share their location, you instantly get a text message with a google maps link that pinpoints your property’s exact location. What if you dont have your phone with you? You can assign a 2nd contact number for anyone, like your spouse or BFF and they get a text too!

    You can change the contact information at anytime and as often as you want. Family vacation in Bahamas?  Your neighbors are watching your pets while you are gone? Switch the contact information temporarily until you get back.

    You can prove property ownership with your Synthetic DNA using a One Time Password (OTP) and our DNA matching algorithm.


    We offer a number of one-of-a-kind products that are created from DNA.

    LuvArts Package includes a digital illustration, songs, ringtones, lullabies, sheet music, and a video slideshow. Bring DNA to life in new and beautiful ways with art and music that comes from within the one you love.

    LuvSafe Package includes personal property identifications tags for lost property, state of the art invisible marking kits for stolen items, as well as personal identification and protection. DNA is useful for safeguarding your child and their property.

    LuvDNA Bundle includes all of the products of both the LuvArts and LuvSafe package at a discounted price.