LuvArts Package

With LuvArts, DNA comes to life in new and beautiful ways. Art and music like no other in the world. Because it comes exclusively from within the one you love.

The LuvArts Package includes all of the following: LuvArt, LuvVybes, LuvSheet, LuvTones, and LuvVideo


This is your child’s DNA displayed in true art form. A stunning digital painting using the DNA loci, codon sequence, and sacred geometry to create a one-of-a-kind LuvArt illustration. Unique as your child or a snowflake, no two are the same.



A child’s very essence expressed musically – for lulling a baby to sleep, for dancing to in the playroom, or for feeling close to them when you can’t be with them.

What does a child’s DNA look and sound like? Click the image to find out.

creating music from a baby's DNA

Photo credit: Pixabay/Creative Commons

Listen to the lullabies of a baby’s DNA on several different instruments and styles:  Bowed GlassChoir OohsCrystalPiccoloWarm Pad,  and Whistle.

By using the unique complexity of DNA and the information extracted from it, we can create unique pieces of music for all to enjoy.

The songs and ringtones come in 128 different renditions, using every musical instrument you have ever heard of, and many more, as well as unique sounds effects. Each one stays true to the music score created by your child’s DNA.

Not only is this a beautiful gift for new parents, but also for infants: soothing lullabies can help calm them and put them to sleep when they’re feeling anxious, and when they grow up they can appreciate the full significance of the music — because there’s really nothing quite like it on the market.


Music can be inspiring and enlightening, it brings us through difficult times and connects people, it allows us to express our creativity better and feel deeper emotions, but when it’s unique to your child, it just becomes that much more significant.

In addition to the Lullabies and ringtones you will also get the Music Score that can be framed as art.



Ringtones made to create an unforgettable range of sounds for your mobile devices. With 128 different ones included in your LuvArts Package, it’s impossible not to find one you like. The ringtones range from soft lullabies to some unforgettable and “impossible not to notice” ringtones like woodblock, seashore, and bird tweets all in both iPhone and Android formats.


Create unique video slideshows with your child’s DNA as background music. You simply upload 20-30 photographs and video clips and we create the LuvVideo for you with their unique score in the background. Here is an example of a LuvVideo. This is Lily with her DNA music being played in the background with the Warm Pad style instrument.