LuvDNA Bundle

The whole enchilada!

The LuvDNA Bundle includes both the LuvArts and LuvSafe Packages.

LuvArts Package

With LuvArts, DNA comes to life in new and beautiful ways. Art and music like no other in the world. Because it comes exclusively from within the one you love.

The LuvArts Package includes all of the following: LuvArt, LuvVybes, LuvSheet, LuvTones, and LuvVideo


This is your child’s DNA displayed in true art form. A stunning digital painting using the DNA loci, codon sequence, and sacred geometry to create a one-of-a-kind LuvArt illustration. Unique as your child or a snowflake, no two are the same.



A child’s very essence expressed musically – for lulling a baby to sleep, for dancing to in the playroom, or for feeling close to them when you can’t be with them.

What does a child’s DNA look and sound like? Click the image to find out.

creating music from a baby's DNA

Photo credit: Pixabay/Creative Commons

Listen to the lullabies of a baby’s DNA on several different instruments and styles:  Bowed GlassChoir OohsCrystalPiccoloWarm Pad,  and Whistle.

By using the unique complexity of DNA and the information extracted from it, we can create unique pieces of music for all to enjoy.

The songs and ringtones come in 128 different renditions, using every musical instrument you have ever heard of, and many more, as well as unique sounds effects. Each one stays true to the music score created by your child’s DNA.

Not only is this a beautiful gift for new parents, but also for infants: soothing lullabies can help calm them and put them to sleep when they’re feeling anxious, and when they grow up they can appreciate the full significance of the music — because there’s really nothing quite like it on the market.


Music can be inspiring and enlightening, it brings us through difficult times and connects people, it allows us to express our creativity better and feel deeper emotions, but when it’s unique to your child, it just becomes that much more significant.

In addition to the Lullabies and ringtones you will also get the Music Score that can be framed as art.



Ringtones made to create an unforgettable range of sounds for your mobile devices. With 128 different ones included in your LuvArts Package, it’s impossible not to find one you like. The ringtones range from soft lullabies to some unforgettable and “impossible not to notice” ringtones like woodblock, seashore, and bird tweets all in both iPhone and Android formats.


Create unique video slideshows with your child’s DNA as background music. You simply upload 20-30 photographs and video clips and we create the LuvVideo for you with their unique score in the background. Here is an example of a LuvVideo. This is Lily with her DNA music being played in the background with the Warm Pad style instrument.


LuvSafe Package

DNA is not only beautiful, it’s useful. Put a DNA sample to practical use for lost or stolen items, or in the event of an emergency for child identification. It can also be used for future advances in personalized medicine.

The LuvSafe package includes; LuvTags and LuvMarks, LuvPrint and LuvBank.


Of course, no one intends to lose their things, but kids will be kids, and preparing for mishaps just makes sense. Using DNA information as an unmistakable ID marker is sort of like a pet’s microchip for valuable items.

If your property is lost, you hope someone will find it and return it to you. We make this easy with LuvTags, small QRcode labels you place on your things – smartphones, tablets, diaper bags, sports equipment, and more. When scanned with any cell phone, the app displays your phone number and email address so the Good Samaritan can return your items to you.

While LuvTags are used primarily to allow people to easily return your lost items, they can also be placed in hidden areas on your items to protect your property if stolen. Embedded in the LuvTag QRcode is the owner’s genetic fingerprint, which will reveal their genetic signature when requested by the owner to prove ownership. The tag has no visible numbers or personal information, but can be used to prove ownership to law enforcement if necessary.


Photo credit: Pixabay/Creative Commons

You can stick these weatherproof LuvTags to just about anything, quickly and easily. School, camps and sporting events are often places where kids lose their things. Simply place the LuvTags on their belongings and never worry about their belongings being mixed up with other children’s things.

LuvTags are flexible, polyester labels that can withstand temperature extremes – freezing to -40°F, or heating to 250°F – without peeling, cracking, or falling off. They adhere strongly to plastics and other materials. Your LuvTags come in a sheet of 60 labels, 1.5″ x 0.75″ each.


LuvMarks are tiny specks about the size of a grain of sand, specifically designed for those valuable items that may be stolen. These amazing little specks have your unique “Synthetic DNA” laser-etched onto them, which is cross-referenced to the LuvDNA database and your account to identify your property. You apply LuvMarks with an easy-to-use glue applicator pen that marks a tiny area of your property. A single pen can mark 30-50 items.


Luvmarks are nearly invisible to the naked eye. They can only be found with a special UV light and can only be read with a 30X viewer. A thief will never know they are there, but police know how to find and read them. They can scan the item with a UV light and see that the property has been marked with LuvMarks.
These dots are virtually impossible to totally remove and it only takes 1 dot to claim the property as yours. LuvMarks provide indisputable property protection.


Do you plan for unforeseen circumstances? What if one of your loved ones falls victim to identity theft, or worse, kidnapping? A LuvPrint genetic fingerprint makes it easy to prove their identity beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Thinking about something bad happening to your child isn’t pleasant, but we can all expect the best while preparing for the worst. Which is why we offer LuvPrint which uses DNA and the FBI’s CODIS system to create a genetic fingerprint.

It’s just like a real fingerprint, but much more reliable – a genetic fingerprint allows nearly 100% positive identification. (The odds of someone else having the same genetic markers are 1 in 350 trillion). So, if something were to happen to your loved one, they could be identified no matter how long they’d been away or what had happened to them.

Genetic information can be used to help protect your loved ones or provide them with critical information. This is an example of the certificate you will receive.


Would you like to store a sample of your loved one’s DNA? We are all walking, breathing DNA, but it’s not something that can just be extracted and tested easily – so a physical store of pure DNA is something quite special. Think of it as the essence of a person.


Photo credit: Pixabay/Creative Commons

The LuvBank is a physical copy of purified DNA enclosed in a beautifully designed container that you can keep at your home or office. It can be stored at room temperature for 10-20 years without any degradation.

You purified sample has enough DNA for about 50 tests in the future. This could be used, for example, to predict and diagnose various diseases. LuvBank consists of your child’s purified DNA stored on special, long-term medical material designed specifically for this purpose.



The LuvBank product is about the size of a silver dollar.

Why is this product important? Well, since scientists haven’t discovered all the hidden knowledge within human DNA, there’s good reason to store it for future testing. If you ever want to sequence the gene, the cumbersome initial steps can be cut out completely because the pure DNA is already available to you.