Your genetic makeup can tell you a whole lot about your body – whether you’re at risk of certain diseases, what foods your body is suited to eating, whether your offspring might have any abnormalities, and a whole lot more.

While this is incredibly useful information and can help make life a lot easier in the future (wouldn’t it be great to know what diseases you are prone to, so, if possible you can take the precautions to ensure that you prevent them as much as possible), it’s also sensitive information.

We know you’re thinking about the future of your little one, and you want it to be as bright as possible — so, think of this simply as an investment.

Knowledge in this field of science is advancing rapidly, so you can just imagine how much more we’ll know in 18 years’ time! So, we might as well get started now!

DNA is an incredible thing, but you can’t unlearn what we discover from our DNA sequence. It can tell us scary things such as our susceptibility to various diseases; but this information can also be very valuable when taken with the right mindset.

This is why, when your child reaches adulthood and they would like their DNA sequenced, we will do it for no additional charge.

This product can only be purchased for children under 8 years of age.


Photo credit: Pixabay/Creative Commons