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    Pet “Return Home Service”

    When your dog or cat goes missing, maximize the chances that they return home quickly, safely and easily.

    Its a simple but awesome process; the pet is found and the Good Samaritan scans your pets LuvTag with their cell phone. Then the super-slick technology kicks in!

    The Good Samaritan sees the pet owner’s contact information and can “tap to call” or email. If they click “OK” to share their location, you instantly get a text message with a google maps link that pinpoints your pet’s exact location. What if you dont have your phone with you? You can assign a 2nd contact number for anyone, like your spouse or BFF and they get a text too!

    The pet owner can change the contact information at anytime and as often as you want. Family vacation in Bahamas?  Your neighbors are watching your pets while you are gone? Switch the contact information temporarily until you get back.

    You can prove pet ownership with your Synthetic DNA using a One Time Password (OTP) and our DNA matching algorithm.

    Dog Tag Service $5/yr

    Cat Tag Service $6/yr

    Pet Tag Combo $9/yr

    LuvTags are 1 inch diameter circle stickers that will stick to most anything. They are extremely durable – designed for military combat operations and are good from -40F to 300F.