We offer a number of one-of-a-kind products that are created from DNA.

LuvArts Package includes a digital illustration, songs, ringtones, lullabies, sheet music, and a video slideshow. Bring DNA to life in new and beautiful ways with art and music that comes from within the one you love.

LuvSafe Package includes personal property identifications tags for lost property, state of the art invisible marking kits for stolen items, as well as personal identification and protection. DNA is useful for safeguarding your child and their property.

LuvDNA Bundle includes all of the products of both the LuvArts and LuvSafe package at a discounted price.

LuvTags Light is a low cost entry level solution for a speedy recovery of lost items.

LuvSequence is an entire whole genome sequence (WGS) that will be conducted on the child’s 18 birthday if they so choose, which will be crucial to personalized medicine.